data-centric is a software consultancy specialising in the design, development and delivery of effective, high quality Microsoft SQL Server databases and data-driven applications built using Microsoft .Net technologies; primarily in the financial sector. This may take the form of customised coaching in agile database development (a speciality) or working side by side with your team to develop the optimal solution.

There are really only two ways to grow the bottom line - a business can trade or save its way into profit. The most successful enterprises combine both of these approaches with innovative use of technology and practices to help maximise the opportunities for growth. At data-centric, it is an understanding of this simple rule that drives our guiding principle of adding business value through innovation. We work together with our customers and partners to implement good practices and technology solutions that meet that objective.

Greg M Lucas, the company's founder and principal SQL Server Consultant, has over twelve years' experience working as a SQL Server Developer, DBA and Data Architect. In addition to being an all-round SQL Server specialist, he also has broad experience as a .Net developer working with a variety of complex, n-tier architectures and in senior positions leading and mentoring teams. He is passionate about improving software quality by the selective use of Agile development methods, through the implementation of quality standards and by the proper use of continuous integration, change management and source control.

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