How we work...

We recognise that the needs of an individual business are unique and so aim to help you deliver working solutions that are inline with your business goals and processes.

At data-centric, we will listen to and work closely with you to clearly define the problem(s) you are trying to solve or the market(s) you are trying to penetrate, always searching for ways to extract the most business value from any proposed solution. Together, we will explore the implications to your business of each possible solution and then put in place a realistic plan to address the key areas of functionality, cost and timescales.

We will help you decide the best way forward based on your requirements, budget, deadlines and the size of the project. On smaller pieces of work this may mean a single release but on a larger project, we could agree to break the work down into smaller, phased deliverables where each new, incremental release delivers increasing, concrete value to your business. This iterative cycle also gives you more flexibility to define your requirements as you see the solution develop rather than having to decide everything at the start.

data-centric can provide a single project resource to work in isolation or as part of a team, or we can take overall responsibility for an entire assignment, tapping into our network of software professionals to put together a highly focussed team to deliver your project. We are happy to consider projects of all sizes on a fixed price or time and materials basis and are committed to helping you improve your business.

Learn about the expertise offered by data-centric or contact us now to find out how data-centric will work to help enhance your business.