What we've done...

This is a small sample of the kinds of the projects that the we have worked on previously...

  • Project A – working on a boutique software house's next-gen financial control tool. Major redesign of core database architecture and code modules to utilise partitioned tables (implementing a sliding window scenario) and SQL 2008 features (e.g. MERGE and CTEs) for performance and maintainability. Extensive use of tSQLt DB unit testing-framework to support code refactoring and ensure quality.
  • Project C – working on a London software house's flagship financial control and reporting product for the biggest bank in Japan, based initially in London, followed by nine months based in Singapore leading the application rollout and with responsibility for training and mentoring the bank’s in-house support teams (in Singapore and Mumbai). On-going 3rd line troubleshooting and performance tuning of reports and data-loads. E.g. Tuned ETL routines from several hours to typically < 10 minutes
  • Project R – conception, coding and delivery of a tool to automate and speed up the internal reconciliation process against multiple executing brokers (equity and option hedge trades). Predominantly automated process was designed to significantly reduce time and error costs associated with previous Excel-based manual process. It also made available a range of management reports allowing the business to be managed in a more pro-active manner. .Net 2.0 Windows application written in C# using Visual Studio 2008, NUnit, Rhino Mocks, log4net based on MVVM (like MVP/MVC) and TDB patterns. Windows application utilised stored procedures and UDFs in a SQL 2005 database.
  • SQLScriptBuilder – Conception, design, coding and testing of a Windows Application to simplify and improve the process of releasing multiple SQL scripts to different environments in a structured, repeatable and consistent process. Written in C# using NUnit for TDD. Now in use within a number of city-based development teams.
  • Low Maintenance, Low Impact Database Auditing – designed and implemented a configurable, extensible, trigger-based audit framework on SQL 2005. Triggers and audit capture tables are generated automatically when auditing is enabled or re-enabled allowing audit capture to evolve side by side with the production database. This minimised the ongoing maintenance overhead as the production database was updated and the audit requirements changed. Designed to meet current and future business and regulatory audit requirements across multiple jurisdictions including the UK and Singapore.
  • Data Migration – production, testing and successful completion of a multi-phase migration of over 30GB of business-critical legacy data (approx. 35,000 clients) into a new database ensuring data quality and business continuity throughout the migration.
  • Database Release Management Tools – Conception, design, coding and testing of various Windows applications to simplify and improve the process of releasing multiple SQL database artefacts, updates and static data changes both from disk-stored files and direct from source control. These tools ensure better quality releases from properly managed source code, simplify and improve the process of releasing multiple SQL scripts to different environments in a structured, repeatable and consistent process.
  • Change Manager – helped instigate a new change management process including design and build of a supporting software application providing improved audit trails, clearer management reporting, saving time and increasing productivity.
  • Third Party Data Interfaces – designed and developed a series of third party interfaces to provide a range of investment management reports to various intermediaries including the provision of a common platform used by all interfaces. This gave the client the opportunity to retain and increase the levels of investment business placed through participating intermediaries.
  • Best Practice – Extensive experience in the definition, implementation and training/delivery of various software production best practices, development standards and agile methodologies in particular change management and SQL source code control, automated builds, continuous integration and automated testing.

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