Why data-centric...

More reasons to choose data-centric for your next database or data-driven software project...

  • The guiding principle by which data-centric works is that, to be effective, technology must add business value; so we are dedicated to delivering only working, high quality software designed to do exactly that.
  • We understand the importance of data to your organisation yet recognise that the database is just one element of a much larger picture. Your data and the applications that consume it should be in place because, not in spite of, the way you work.
  • data-centric's adoption of Agile development methods allows us to be more flexible, to adapt to your needs and helps guarantee more reliable, lower maintenance software whilst maintaining high quality.
  • This focus on Agile processes also ensures that the solutions we provide deliver maximum business value sooner through regular incremental releases.
  • Working with data-centric gives you clear visibility into the development process and puts you, the customer, at the centre of the project, leaving control of the end result firmly in your hands.
  • We take pride in producing code and supporting documentation of the highest standard and are committed to working in your best interests. After all, we share a common goal in your success!

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